Where to use spreadsheets ?

If you expect a simple answer, it will have to wait just a bit !

As long as you are here, on this particular page, you might be yet not certain which is the benefit to you (in using spreadsheets).

That’s why , I will try to show you the examples that could fire your imagination (I need your suggestions also ! Please, comment !) .

Beginners only : Examples are sometimes a bit complicated, but this page intends to provoke you to see what could be achieved with spreadsheets.


1) In the kitchen : Even if I wouldn’t reccomend to take your laptop to the kitchen , let’s see what we could do there :

– for a large family keep your recipes altogether (did you know that Excel has a function to CONVERT measures as ‘cup’ , ‘tablespoon’, ‘teaspoon’ ?) and build on it a rational supply of your pantry ? Please, take a look to my ‘Sandwich factory‘ example (you will have to choose a spreadsheet format and a language in which example is available).

2) Ranging things according to preferences :

– working on the example

A. AT WORK(please, note that examples are given to illustrate spreadsheets functionality. Some bugs or flaws in the applied logic might need improvement. Please, let me know if you notice some.)

1) Palletizing schemas: If you keep/ ship goods on pallets, you would want to find the best suitable schema to lay carton boxes on one or more sizes of pallets. You only have the carton and pallet dimensions, together with some possible limitations (pallet height is the most usual).

Could a spreadsheet do the job for you ? The answer is here (still working at it ! Lots of embedded pictures need to be added!).

Images are created with Google Sketchup free version and they could be easily replaced with 3d animations (I never tried it yet.. I’ll put it on my ToDo list !)

2) Catering or small fast-food services : Have you ever wonder what ingredients to keep on stock ?

You might wish to check my ‘Sandwich factory‘ example…

3) Tourism companies : As a bus tour operator, you probably have had problems with customers dissatisfaction due to ‘minor’ problems like the place they got in the bus, which was not according to their expressed preferences.

Have you found that invoking ‘company rules‘ or ‘first in has a chance to pick‘ are not working ?

Maybe there could be a spreadsheet solution for you. Please, take a look at my example (still working at it ! functionality is there, but not all explained)

4) Late payment : clients are forgetting to pay on time. They are your valued customers and you can accept some delay, but you should not increase your financial costs either. So, you put a penalty which should cover any extra cost to restore your cash flow, if needed.

But, how to follow such costs if you don’t have a specialized software ? Well, everybody has a spreadsheet program…

Just take a look here (still working at it ! functionality is there, but not all explained)

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Spreadsheets are really easy !