Here you should find links to spreadsheet examples (only my own).

I am not sure if I will link directly to other peoples work (there are a lot of very useful sites that show very good information and spreadsheet examples).

Wherever I was able to link some special solution to another site where I found myself such solution, I did it into the workbook itself.

Again, I need to underline that even if one example is ‘attached’ to a particular level of knowledge, this is not an absolute scale !
I would recommend to check all solutions. Sometimes-, beginners need to know what they should achieve as ‘experts’ and also experts might take sometimes advantage in simple solutions.

Please note that ALL examples are still a work in progress and I will try to put in them (that takes time…)- especially for the beginner/intermediate levels some ‘easter eggs’ showing different level of experience.
NO example will carry code (macros and/or VBA) , unless explicitly declared !

Beginners zone:

1) First example is developed in a series of 3 workbooks on the same theme :
Calculating penalties for late payments. This is meant to be a teaser on Spreadsheet capabilities or you can even consider it a small tutorial (not exhaustive !) showing how to think a solution from simple to complex.
You can download from:

English French Romanian
Example 1 [download id=”7″ format=”fara hit”]
Example 2 [download id=”8″ format=”fara hit”]
Example 3 [download id=”9″ format=”fara hit”]

Just for fun, check the example showing same workbook in the advanced area…
Intermediate users:
1)A solution for a small company making sandwiches 🙂 .
Well, this is its title, but it suits well any business which has a recipe for its ingredients, the ingredients have a limited validity and it has some sales forecast. More things explained in the files, presented in various formats, available for download :

English French Romanian
Excel 2000/2003 format [download id=”1″ format=”fara hit”] [download id=”4″ format=”fara hit”]
Excel 2007 format [download id=”2″ format=”fara hit”] [download id=”5″ format=”fara hit”]
OpenOffice Calc format [download id=”3″] [download id=”17″]
Google Docs compatible format [download id=”6″ format=”fara hit”]


1) A solution showing how to dispose a tourist group in a Bus (various buses schemes can be chosen) matching (as much as possible) their expressed preferences (family, groups, window, etc.).

Work in progress… Just a first draft, please,excuse the lack of explanations.

I am working on it! Just for the curious, file is here, for download:

In Excel 2003 format [download id=”10″ format=”fara hit”],

or in Excel 2007 format [download id=”11″ format=”fara hit”].

It is named ‘Bus discontentment factor’ .

Please note : Bus1 Sheet can be replicated, renamed and then modified, preserving all functionality.

2) Calculating penalties for late payments. [download id=”12″ format=”fara hit”]. This is the ‘advanced-form’ for the series presented in the Beginners-section.

3) How to palletize carton boxes ?

[download id=”13″ format=”fara hit”].

This example tries to solve that and also to illustrate 2 different solutions to translate (without VBA) within the same workbook. Also, a solution to handle pictures embedded in the file.

Everybody :

1) A small zip file, showing that you could use Excel to build solutions that would barely look as spreadsheeting (the workbook CONTAINS VBA code !)

The zip file has 1 Excel (2003 style) file + a folder with some pictures.

The excel file and a folder named Pics have to be placed in the same folder !

You can (please !) use your own pics.

Zip file is below, for download.

English French Romanian
Pics example (zip files) [download id=”14″ format=”fara hit”] [download id=”15″ format=”fara hit”] [download id=”16″ format=”fara hit”]

If you just want to see what it does , check is as a flash movie loop (sorry for the look, my movie making skills are not my best).
Please, keep close ! More to come ….! Shortly ?!

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