I will come, accidentally and without this purpose in contact with data about your job, or your school or about your business.

It is only fair to commit to you fully that I will keep all discretion !

Please, help me improve the statement below as much as you can or will. If some special agreements are needed for particular jobs I have no problem with any normal request.


Online Confidentiality Agreement


This confidentiality agreement is provided in connection with our access to Sensible /Confidential information in connection with the paid advice services with Clients of the websites in the / domains.

Confidential information is defined as materials relating to business-related, marketing operations, assets and financial affairs of Clients. Sensible information is defined to all data regarding persons, their belongings, assets or habits. We can only use the information for the purpose of offering service to the Client. We are not allowed to directly or indirectly disclose or make available any confidential information to any individuals and/or entities not directly involved in the serviced project except where such disclosures may be required by law or regulation.

The provision of the foregoing paragraphs shall not apply to any sensible/confidential information:

1. Which at the time disclosed or obtained is the public domain or which after being disclosed, or obtained becomes part of the public domain through no act, omission, or fault of Client, or

2. Which has a written (email format accepted) Agreement from the Client to be publicly exposed (as Study Cases or general examples).

In consideration for you providing confidential business information, I/we hereby agree not to divulge such information to others.

Paid advice is defined as the service offered by us and for which Client totally fulfilled the payment obligation of the agreed fee. Any agreed payment not received in full due to Client intervention or any failure to correct erroneous payment within a 60 days interval is totally voiding this agreement.

The Client acknowledges receiving a copy of this document. A facsimile copy of this document and any signatures, including electronic signatures, if applicable, shall be considered for all purposes as originals.

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