I have a limited experience, but surely higher than average ‘good users'(if we define ‘good users’ as knowing more than what they call “Microsoft Office Specialist” after passing Exam 77-602).
Learning came as I needed more flexible and more accurate data interpretation.
Where from ? : searching Help and on the Internet!
You can do the same anytime and there is no guarantee that particular solutions can be found sooner, here.
I do hope, though, that you can take advantage of the way I organized solutions based on the problematic and also of some advice that might help you pick an easier solution from the start. -But, please!-, that shouldn’t keep the laziest busier of you to take advantage of my personalized and paid solutions.
If you would really care to find out a bit more about me, please find it in my LinkedIn profile .

Just another page dedicated to Excel ?
Hopefully, not !
Rather, a page dedicated to time-saving tools which would spare lots of repetive work.
I am trying to approach more “office” suites programs and show solutions that really worked for me.
As much as possible, reference to Excel will be a generic one as ‘spreadheet calculation’ with the only mention that in the beginning, functions and code used will be mainly based on MS Office Excel and VBA.
The solutions approach is a non-academic one, based on my own experience.
My solutions might include code taken from other sites, showing (wherever possible) the original source.
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Spreadsheets are really easy !